Making your Case: Case Conferencing for Interpreters


In the quest for the best practices, the field of interpreting and transliterating have borrowed from other professions to support the delivery of quality services.  One of those techniques taken from the medical field is case conferencing to hone what Rushworth Kidder terms ethical fitness. This workshop will outline the process for participating in case conferencing to discuss situations faced by interpreters and understand the three dimensions of interpreter role-space.  Using the Demand Control Schema as developed by Robyn Dean and Robert Pollard, participants will be able to present their own cases and explain what challenges they face and the steps taken to address these demands. While designed specifically to address issues faced by interpreters o~ other members of the educational team, such as teachers, speech language clinicians, parents, etc ~ are welcome participants.


Grow Hall, KY School for the Deaf, Danville, KY

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