Ethical Decison Making : Basis for Trust in ASL


This is a six (6) hour workshop for ASL interpreters who regularly work in or who are interested to work in the court system. This workshop will ethical considerations for interpretation and hands on practice associated with decision making. The goal is to further the ability of practitioners to identify personal and organizational ethics and tools for situational synthesis of ethical decision making.

Training Objective:
Trust is the basis for the integrity all professions. This is even more critical for interpreters given the intimate nature of the work. As such, the state and professional organizations carefully monitor standards but, ultimately, it rests upon each individual interpreter
practitioner to strive for the highest ethical behavior in the work environment. Unfortunately, trust in the interpreting profession is on shaky ground. Interpreters struggle to identify if there is an ethical conflict or not and many interpreters are hesitant to file complaints against fellow interpreters. This session will provide practitioners with tools to analyze situations for possible ethical conflicts, option development and reporting requirements. Session will include some lecture but mostly small/large group discussions.

Location: Administrative Offices of the Courts, 1001 Vandalay Dr., Frankfort, KY

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